Video Collaboration Solutions

Video Collaboration provides video on any device to anyone. It connects the global team with video. Affordable solutions provide you superior scale and help enable any-to-any video through standards-based technology.

Video Conferencing

Video conference uses technology to create visual connection between persons in separate places, typically with high-quality video and audio. Specifically, VC uses special equipment, such as webcams, high-speed Internet connectivity and personal computers. This allows your business to move at the speed the world is moving. Your business moves without you having to move. And that's very fast.

Board Room

Boardroom - a room in which a board of directors of a company or other organization meets regularly. Board rooms usually have the latest techological equipment, such as display terminals or large-screen TVs and other multimedia sources of business news. Board room discussions reflects the real world – something every company should be sensitive to.

Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud Video Conferencing, is a video collaboration service delivered from the cloud that spans traditional endpoints, software clients and mobile devices. Instead of physically entering a room outfitted with video conferencing software and hardware, anyone can log in to a video conferencing application and immediately connect with others—visually and aurally. It offers Virtual Meeting Rooms that allow multiple participants to meet face-to-face.